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Each year, the Foundation Saint-Thomas d'Aquin awards scholarships to Acadians and francophone Islanders who meet the requirements of the competition. 

Since 1919, SAF'Île (formerly the Société Saint-Thomas-d'Aquin, SSTA) has been working to help the Acadians of PEI gain access to an education in French. Through the SSTA Foundation, the Société awards annual scholarships to encourage and support Grade 12 students who wish to pursue their studies in French or adults who wish to return to studies, often outside the province.

These students, upon graduation, are able to contribute to the development and vitality of the community upon their return to Prince Edward Island.


Each year, the Foundation awards several scholarships. Recipients are enrolled in French-language post-secondary institutions, in recognized bilingual programs and in immersion programs.

They tell us: 

Jessica Turbide

Monseigneur Jean Chiasson scholarship ($500)

J. Buote 2.png

Jérémie Buote

Monseigneur Jean Chiasson scholarship ($500)


Bethany Burt

Jean-François Buote 2nd cycle scholarship ($1000)

"This scholarship has helped me greatly in the pursuit of my education and has taken the stress away from school fees.

I am proud and honored. 

Pursuing my studies in French has always been important to me. The French language is a big part of my life."

"In a Francophone minority environment, where options for study in French are limited, I am very grateful for the support offered by my community in Prince Edward Island. In 2020, I was the recipient of the Monseigneur-Jean-Chiasson Scholarship, presented by the SSTA Foundation. I interpreted the award of this bursary as a recognition by the SSTA of the importance of a French education at the post-secondary level. Thanks to this support, I was able to start my studies at the Université de Moncton in the multidisciplinary Bachelor of Business Administration program. I hope to one day return to Prince Edward Island upon graduation to give back to the community that supported me so well through my high school years, whether it be through volunteering or involvement in politics. I would like to sincerely thank SAF'Île, its employees and members for the financial support offered to post-secondary students."

"I received the Monseigneur Jean-  François Buote Scholarship in the 2020-2021 school year. I was so happy and proud to receive this scholarship. I have always studied in French and I felt like this scholarship was a recognition of my efforts to continue practicing and celebrating the French language and culture. This scholarship has helped me pay for my school fees and every scholarship one receives helps alleviate the financial stress that all students feel. Now that I have my Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, I am ready to encourage young people to love the French language and I hope to be able to inspire them to continue learning in French as well. Thank you a million times!"

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