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Mission and roles


  • To bring together the Acadians and Francophones of Prince Edward Island within a single association.

  • To represent its individual members and member organizations before municipal, provincial and national governments and to defend their rights;

  • To administer the Fondation Société Saint-Thomas-d'Aquin, which awards financial assistance to Acadian and francophone students in Prince Edward Island.  

  • To support and coordinate programs and services to promote the individual and collective development of the Acadian and Francophone community of Prince Edward Island in all sectors;

  • To ensure the development of ties of friendship and cooperation between the Acadian and Francophone community of Prince Edward Island and other communities in the province as well as with other Acadian and Francophone communities in Canada and abroad.


"The Acadian and Francophone community of PEI lives and thrives in French. It acts and intervenes in all areas of its development. As a partner with the provincial government and the Island population as a whole, it has the capacity and resources to contribute effectively to the development of the province. "

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