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6 things to know about SAF'Île!


SAF'Île is the anchor and proud spokesperson of the Island's Acadian and Francophone community

Each regional committee is integrated into a community hub, an essential formula for the vitality of French on the Island


Six regional committees represent SAF'Île in the field to promote French and support the community


The 25 Acadian and Francophone organizations of PEI, including SAF’Île, together form the Developers Network, in french, Réseau des développeurs (RDD)


SAF’Île is home to the Fondation SSTA which annually awards numerous scholarships for post-secondary studies in French.


SAF’Île also coordinates the presentation of the Honorary Certificate of Acadian Citizenship and the Order of Acadian Merit


Main goals :


  • To bring together the Acadians and Francophones of Prince Edward Island within a single association.

  • To represent its individual members and member organizations before municipal, provincial and national governments and to defend their rights;

  • To administer the Fondation Société Saint-Thomas-d'Aquin, which awards financial assistance to Acadian and francophone students in Prince Edward Island.  

  • To support and coordinate programs and services to promote the individual and collective development of the Acadian and Francophone community of Prince Edward Island in all sectors;

  • To ensure the development of ties of friendship and cooperation between the Acadian and Francophone community of Prince Edward Island and other communities in the province as well as with other Acadian and Francophone communities in Canada and abroad.


SAF'Île, as the main spokesperson for the Island's Acadian and Francophone community, acts in solidarity with its community and in collaboration with partners to have an equitable and inclusive life in French for the development of the Acadian and Francophone community.


SAF'Île provides inclusive, unifying and collaborative leadership to represent and ensure the interests and rights of the community to ensure the vitality of the Francophonie and the Island's Acadia.

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