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Dialogue and community support

As the spokesperson for the Acadian and Francophone community of Prince Edward Island, SAF'Île coordinates all the players and organizations that enable Islanders to live and thrive in French. The Société intervenes at several levels to better serve the population and ensure that the objectives set by the community are met.

Representation and political intervention

SAF'Île defends the interests and rights of the members of the Acadian and Francophone community of Prince Edward Island. Living in a minority setting represents a challenge but also a richness that must be cultivated and promoted together. SAF'Île works for the development of a fair and inclusive society. To do so, it works closely at the local level with community organizations, the provincial government as well as federal government and municipalities. 


It is in this same spirit of cooperation that SAF'Île has joined several national organizations that allow it to carry the voice of Acadians and Francophones across the country.

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