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Acadie de l'Île and Regional Community Hubs 

The Acadian and Francophone community (FAC) of Prince Edward Island is geographically divided into six regions: West Prince (Prince Ouest), Evangeline Region (Région Évangéline), Summerside-Miscouche, Rustico region (Grand Rustico), Charlottetown and Kings East (Kings Est). Although the Evangeline region is perceived as the traditional francophone region on the Island, it is important to note that each region has an acadian and francophone community and cultivates its own identity and faces specific issues.


Thus, the Société acadienne et francophone de l'Île is represented on the ground by six community hubs spread throughout the province to animate and serve the community as closely as possible. Both work together to ensure that the Island's Acadian, Francophone and Francophile populations have daily access to activities and services in French, throughout the province. 


The model is unique and highly innovative. The six community hubs include: early childhood centers, schools and community organizations. This linkage is essential to the vitality of French on the Island, on a minority setting.


The Regional community hubs and SAF'Île work daily to promote culture and bring together Acadians, Francophones and Francophiles from each region. Joins us!

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